These terms and conditions apply to all agreements with WIM MEEUSSEN BVBA as far as parties have not deflected the terms and conditions in explicit writing.

The provisions in these terms and conditions of sale can only be deviated if agreed in express writing and in which case the other provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force.

WIM MEEUSSEN BVBA reserves the right to change or supplement these terms and conditions of sale from time to time.

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1. Copyright protection
Wim Meeussen brings a high-quality collection of jewels under his own name. All jewelry manufactured under name of Wim Meeussen are protected by national and international laws (including intellectual property rights) and belong to Wim Meeussen BVBA. It is forbidden to reproduce, modify, publish, distribute or resell under the name Wim Meeussen and/or name Wim Meeussen crafted jewelry. 

2. Mistakes and typographical errors
The information, images and prices displayed on the website with respect to the characteristics of the products are displayed as accurately as possible. Wim Meeussen BVBA cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors, mistakes and/or incorrect information on the website. 

3. Exchanges
Only jewelry in the original packaging, along with all accessories, manuals, warranty card and proof of purchase can be taken back, and be exchanged for a product of the same value or jewelry of a higher value by extra payment by the customer, or be exchanged for a gift certificate from the purchase price of the product. Repossessed products can never be exchanged for funds.

4. Privacy
Wim Meeussen BVBA respects the privacy of all users of its website and shall ensure that the personal information you provide is treated confidentially. We use your information to process the orders as quicly and easily as possible. For the rest, we will only use this information with your permission.

Wim Meeussen BVBA uses the collected data to its clients the following services: 

  • If you leave your e-mail address you will be included in the mailing list for our newsletter. This will be sent about 8 times a year.

Wim Meeussen BVBA will not sell your personal information to third parties, only those who are involved in processing your oder. Our empoyees and our third parties are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

5. Use of Google Analytics and Cookies
This website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses "cookies" to analyze the surfing habits of users on our website.

Our website uses the services of DoubleClick. They analyze your surfing behavior on this website and the internet in general, and offer you ads to other sites on the internet, based on that behavior. They also use "cookies".

In your browser settings, you can refuse the installation of cookies or remove them from your computer.

6. Tax-free purchases and export outside the EU
Wim Meeussen BVBA offers its customers a tax-free purchases service. In this case, the customer needs to prefund Belgian VAT (21%) which will be refunded once the customer has performed exportation outside the European Union.

The customer needs to present this items while passing through the customs of the European airport from where the customer will export the jewel:

1. The purchased product and the invoice
Wim Meeussen BVBA will transfer by bankwire to the customer the corresponding VAT refund amount exclusively upon receipt of the original product invoice stamped by the customs of the European airport from where the exportation took place.

2. Passport:
The customer needs proving that he's no European resident.

3. The boarding pass:
The customer needs proving that he's leaving Europe.

Wim Meeussen BVBA will transfer by bankwire to the customer the corresponding VAT refund amount exclusively upon receipt of the original product invoice stamped by the customs of the European airport from where the exportation took place

The stamped invoice needs to arrive at the Wim Meeussen BVBA office no later than 2 months after the date the invoice was stamped.

Refund can only be done when Wim Meeussen BVBA clearly receives the account number IBAN and BIC or SWIFT-code of the customer.

Tax-refund is performed according to the legal and European procedures prescribed by the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (142. The Article 8, 4°, of Royal Decree 18 states that the seller must establish the existence of the exportation by providing the customer with a copy of the invoice or a similar document bearing the stamp of the customs of exit from the European Community) according to which the presentation of the invoice of the purchased product (as exportation document) when passing through the customs is sufficient (in addition to the presentation of the three other items listed above - the product, the passport and the boarding pass). According to the Belgian and European law, no other documents are required.

Wim Meeussen BVBA will never be responsible for any type of exceptional event that would prevent the client from excercising the right to claim a VAT refund.

(Ex. the closing of customs and impossibility for the customer to get the stamp, o reception or loss of the invoice sent by the client by the mail, … )

Wim Meeussen BVBA will never be responsible for any mistakes coming from the customer’s side that would result in bank fees. The customer will eventually be charged for these bank fees.

7. Certificates
Wim Meeussen BVBA processes only high-quality materials and diamonds in jewelry. The customer receives with every purchase a house-certificate that describes the qualities of the purchased jewel. 

The customer will receive a certificate from an approved laboratory with each jewel with a diamond equal to or greater than 1.0 ct that describes the 4 C's of this diamond.

8. Warranty
All jewels are manufactured manually and controlled by professionals with years of experience during the production process. On top of that all jewels are subject to quality control again, just before delivery to the customer.

To claim this warranty, the customer must be able to present proof of purchase. Customers are recommended to use the original packaging. Guaranteed never applies to defects that arise as a result of falls, accidents, neglect, abnormal or incorrect use, use the article contrary to purpose for which it was designed, non-compliance with the operating instructions or owner's manual, adjustments or changes to the article, heavy handed use, poor maintenance, or any other abnormal or incorrect use. Warranty does not apply to articles with a shorter life span. Defects that manifest themselves after a period of 12 months following the date of purchase shall be deemed to be no hidden defects, unless there is proof to the contrary by the customer.

Warranty is non-transferable.

9. Complaints
Wim Meeussen BVBA expressly asks customers to inspect accurately the purchased products immediately upon receiving them. Customer complaints  concerning defects of the product, which can be seen immediately should be announced by the customer immediately.

In case a complaint is not handled to the satisfaction of the customer, the customer has access to Belmed, the mediation service of the FPS economy, which will investigate and mediate the file to a solution acceptable to both parties.

The online platform Belmed can disputes between consumers and traders and middlemen mutually settled out of court and along the internet be arranged through an independent mediator. The consultation of the platform is free. The possible cost of mediation via Belmed depends on the conciliation authority concerned. Even paying remains a mediation often cheaper than a lawsuit.

10. Questions, complaints or comments
For any questions, complaints or comments regarding the terms and conditions of Wim Meeussen BVBA you can get in touch via:

phone: +32 (0) 3 232 19 13  (Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat from 11h till 18h)
mail: Wim Meeussen BVBA, Wijngaardstraat 11, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

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