Resizing a ring

Do you have a ring that is not comfortable? Then we can shrink or enlarge it. There are several reasons to adjust the ring size:

  • An engagement ring that is just a little too big or too small
  • Your ring finger that has become slightly narrower/thicker over the years
  • A ring you inherited from a family member, but which doesn't fit well
  • A ring you want to wear on another finger

Enlarge a ring

If the ring stretches too hard around your finger, you should enlarge it. In that case we will add a piece of gold or silver to enlarge the diameter.

Shrinking a ring

With a ring reduction, a piece is removed. Afterwards, we solder everything together and ensure that the seam is finished invisibly.

Points of attention

Finally, a few points for attention when reducing or enlarging a ring:

  • There are easy and difficult rings to adjust. That depends on the structure (e.g. rough structure) that we need to update.
  • We ask 1 to 2 weeks for adjustments.
  • If there is an engraving in the ring, it may be damaged after an adjustment and we need to update it again.
  • The cost also depends on the number of sizes you want to increase the ring. After all, an extra piece of gold or silver has to be included.
  • To reduce the size of a ring, we only charge the cost price of the reduction (and possibly the engraving had to be damaged).
  • During adjustments, diamonds or gemstones can come loose. In that case, the ring goes to our setter to put everything back in place.
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