Men's Rings

A ring is the perfect accessory... even for a man!

Modern, stylish and glamorous, silver rings are the perfect accessory. Meaningful as an engagement ring, cool as a thumb ring or fashionable as a pinky ring. They give your outfit the finishing touch.
Would you like to propose to your partner? In our range you will find silver engagement rings for men in various shapes and sizes, optionally set with diamonds or semi-precious stones.

 Because 925 Sterling silver is a softer metal, they are always a bit heavier and more robust. This way we want to be sure that your ring retains its shape and can take a beating. The diamonds or semi-precious stones are always set in 18K gold. This is a conscious choice to guarantee the sturdiness of the typesetting. You can choose the color of the golden detail yourself: white, yellow or rosé.

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