What earrings fit your hairstyle?

What earrings fit your hairstyle?

What earrings will fit your hairstyle?

Choosing earrings is easier said than done. Because it’s important to look at the shape of your face, your outfit... Not to mention your hairstyle. Indeed, you may not know it, but every hairstyle really has its perfect set of earrings!

Earrings for short hair

If your hair is short or you have a pixie cut, then short earrings or small studs will be your best bet, as everyone will be able to see your ears and XL earrings will steal too much of the show. So small is better, while a little sparkly stone will add some glamour to your look.

Earrings for pony tails

Pony tails go with two kinds of earrings, depending on how high you wear this hairstyle.

A high pony tail needs a bit more volume, which makes large, round silver earrings or trendy ear cuffs a good choice. If you wear your pony tail a little lower, on the other hand, your best bet will be medium-long pendant earrings (maybe with a stone).

Earrings for shoulder-length hair

Hair down to your shoulders provides a reference point in terms of length already, so your earrings can be as colourful and long as you like, such as chandelier earrings. But do make sure they can’t play hide and seek under your hairdo! Long tassels or beads aren’t a good choice, for example.

Earrings for untied long hair

Long hair sucks up all the attention, so your earrings will fade into the background if you don’t go for something eye-catching, like a pair of gold studs with a precious stone or long pendant earrings with pearls. Small studs are an option for a more business-like look, though large and long pendant models will provide a bit more glamour.

Earrings for curly hair

Curly hair easily gets tangled in long earrings. Which is pretty annoying and uncomfortable. Classic studs, therefore, will always be the safest choice. However, those who like to make a fashion statement should opt for large rings, as the roundness will match their curls beautifully.

Earrings for side braids

This type of hairstyle takes all your hair to one side of your face, tying it up in one long pony tail and then casually braiding it. Our recommendation for this hairdo would be to wear ‘open’ earrings, as they’ll fit this very airy hairstyle very well.

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