Handmade in Belgium - label (HIB)

Handmade in Belgium - label (HIB)
Handmade in Belgium - label (HIB)
Handmade in Belgium - label (HIB)

Unizo launches an authenticity label: HAND MADE IN BELGIUM. With this label UNIZO recognizes the makers of authentic and traditional quality products. Which products make the difference today for the modern consumer. Consumers are looking for more and more authentic, handmade products. But concepts such as 'handcrafted' and 'traditional' are not protected by law in our country. Who knows what's real handwork and what is not? UNIZO puts the consumer with this HIB-tag already on the way to the real craft quality. Which is still to be found and we can be proud of it. (UNIZO)

I am so pleased with this recognition by Unizo!!!

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