Kom op tegen kanker

Kom op tegen kanker
Kom op tegen kanker
Kom op tegen kanker

"Together with Goldsmith Wim Meeussen ten BV's designed gold rings for Kom op tegen Kanker. Striking: in addition to famous women - Lien Van de Kelder, Lotte Pinoy, Anne Somers and Ann Van den Broeck - Wim Meeussen also asked some men - Gunther Levi, Axl Peleman, Gène Bervoets, Sam Valkenborgh and the then-Mayor Patrick Janssens - to be creative. The project has cost Wim Meeussen quite some time. Each contestant was received separately in the studio for the entire process of a jewellery design.

There are beautiful creations, which there are reproductions created off. The proceeds will go to charity. The action brought a total of 6000 euro. "

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