Statement earrings

Make a statement with earrings

Statement earrings are eye-catching earrings meant to attract attention and make a real style statement. You highlight your personal taste with these eye-catchers. They are perfect for personalizing an outfit.

Bold designs

Statement earrings include a few bold details. Consider, for example, an eye-catching color stone or an asymmetrical design. They tend to be larger than traditional earrings. You can wear them to give a neutral outfit a splash of glamour or make a sparkly dress shine even more.

Statement earrings to inspire you

Get inspired by a pair of statement earrings from our collection:

statement earrings

Any specific wishes?

Would you like big and bold earrings that perfectly match your wedding dress or other attire? As a goldsmith and jewelry designer, we can also provide customization. Discuss with Wim Meeussen what your ideal statement earrings look like during a visit to our store in Antwerp.

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