3 reasons for choosing a jewellery designer

3 reasons for choosing a jewellery designer

If you want to buy jewelry, you have two options. Either you go to a jeweller who sells products of different brands. Or you look for a jewellery designer to create a personal piece of jewellery. The second approach offers a lot of advantages:

#1 - A jewellery designer makes a personal design

In an average jewelry store you choose a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings from a catalogue. Usually it consists of dozens of pages. But chances are that the perfect piece of jewellery - one that 100% meets your taste and wishes - is not there.

You don't have that problem with a jewellery designer. He starts with an empty page. Do you have a certain shape or style in mind? This craftsman translates your vision into a personalized piece of jewellery. Thanks to customization there are infinite possibilities.

#2 - Free advice

A jewellery designer is aware of the entire production process. He knows all the secrets of the materials, treatments, possible repairs, etc. He likes to share this knowledge with his customers in order to make the right choices. You can always contact him with all your questions.

#3 - Repairs are easier

A jewellery designer makes repairs much easier because he has his own studio. Has your ring or bracelet suffered any damage? Everything will be repaired iin-house. You don't have to send your jewellery to a factory - which saves time.

Looking for a jewellery designer in Antwerp?

Wim Meeussen is happy to design custom made (wedding) rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets for you. Contact us for more info. Or pay a visit to our shop in Antwerp.

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