Spoil the mother of your baby with a piece of birt

Spoil the mother of your baby with a piece of birt

Spoil the mother of your child with a piece of birth jewellery

If your wife or girlfriend has just given birth, then you may want to give her a personalised present to mark the occasion. In fact, jewellery is perfect to show her how much you love her for this incredible moment.

What is a birth present?

The tradition has come to our lands from the United States, where young mothers are typically given a present as a mark of appreciation for the discomforts they have had to endure during the past nine months and the birth itself. At the same time, though, it’s also a nice memento, as it will remind you of that moment you held your son or daughter in our arms for the very first time.


There are lots of things to give a new mother, from relaxing massages to weekend getaways. But lots of people choose a piece of personalised gold jewellery.

Though silver is of course great too.


Are you looking for a unique present for the mother of your newborn baby? Here’s some inspiration for you!

  • Engraved necklace. A gold or silver necklace is the perfect birth present for a new mother, especially when it’s been engraved with the name of the child and its date of birth.
  • Extra stone on your ring. Lots of mums opt for a birth ring, with a little diamond added for every birth. This kind of present isn’t too obvious to the rest of the world, but you know how special those diamonds are. And that’s all that matters.
  • New ring. Of course, you could always opt for a separate ring engraved with the name of each new son or daughter.
  • Personalised bracelets. A personalised gold or silver bracelet, too, is a great token of appreciation for a new mum.
  • Earrings with birthstones. Did you know every month of the year has its own designated birthstone? For June, for instance, you can give pearl earrings, and a set with sapphire for September.
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