Storing jewellery: 5 do’s and don’ts

Storing jewellery: 5 do’s and don’ts

5 do’s and don’ts for storing jewellery

As your jewellery collection grows over the years, you won’t be able to wear everything at once and you’ll have to store some of your pieces for later.

This may sound easy, but not everyone does it right. And unfortunately things get damaged or get lost because of this. Hence why we have put together five tips to help you store your jewellery!

1. Don’t throw everything into a big pile

Lots of people just put all their jewellery together in the same spot, which then ends up as a box full of rings or a tangled mess of necklaces clogging up one of the drawers in the bathroom. Your jewellery does not deserve this... It’s much better to put everything on stands or in boxes with neat compartments. Or in pouches, why not. That way, you won’t damage the precious necklace you inherited from your grandmother because you wanted to get to that bracelet or those earrings right at the bottom.

2. Close them up

Always close the clasp when you put your necklaces and bracelets away, as they won’t get tangled so easily and there will be less chance of damaging the clasp.

3. Store in a dark, dry spot

Jewellery should be stored in a dark and dry place, as light and high air humidity won’t affect your precious pieces that way. A good place would be your wardrobe, for instance.

Tip: never put your jewellery in one of the ‘usual’ places, like the dresser in the living room, as those are the first ones burglars will go and look for valuables. The idea is to hide them in less obvious places to prevent them from getting stolen.

4. Always store valuable pieces in a safe

Jewellery may be very valuable, from an emotional or purely financial point of view. It’s therefore always a real shame if you lose these pieces. So it’s a good idea to store them in a safe, as that way they’ll be protected from thieves and fire.

5. Never store jewellery in the bathroom

Lots of people store their jewellery in the bathroom. No doubt because it’s easy to put on after showering. Still, it’s a bad idea, because the air humidity makes this room in your house completely unsuitable for your necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

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