Jewelry with fingerprints

Jewelry with fingerprints

Jewelry with fingerprints: everything you need to know

A piece of jewelry becomes truly personal when you add a fingerprint to it. This can be your own fingerprint, a fingerprint of your loved one or one of your children for example.

How the fingerprint is applied

Because of the lost wax technique we use, it is possible to provide almost any kind of jewelry of a fingerprint. Whether you would like a ring , a wedding band or a pendant, this technique makes everything possible! The piece of jewelry in question is prepared in wax, which is comparable to what candles are made of. Afterwards, a flame is used to heat the surface and the wax begins to melt. This is the moment to keep your finger ready. A little push and you’re done, the fingerprint is set!

Now the wax model gets beautifully finished in our atelier and cast in the material of your choice, 18k gold or 925 Sterling silver.

Can this be applied on all the jewelry in the collection?

Not exactly. There are standard models available that are provided for the application of the fingerprint. This is because in the preparation these models are thickened a bit so that they do not become too thin. To add a fingerprint on a different model, please visit our store to discuss the possibilities.

For young and old

A fingerprint is different for everyone, like our personal signature. Young children have such shallow fingerprints that the lines are not yet clearly visible. Taking a fingerprint would not provide enough contrast for a nice result. Therefore, we recommend waiting until the children are 7 years old to create a jewel with their fingerprints.

Would you like to have mourning jewelry made with a fingerprint? In this case, the fingerprint (usually taken with ink on paper by the mortician) is engraved on a jewel of your choice. This is done entirely by hand and is therefore a bit more labor intensive. The result is a beautiful engraved fingerprint that lasts longer because it is applied less superficially.

They make great presents

Surprise your partner or a friend and give a personalized piece of jewelry! Wearing a loved one's fingerprint is unique and something to cherish forever. Please keep in mind that we like to have 6 weeks for manufacturing this type of unique jewelry.

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