Mourning jewellery in memory of the special people

Mourning jewellery in memory of the special people

Mourning jewellery in memory of late loved ones

Jewellery isn’t only there to celebrate cheerful occasions, like weddings and births. It can also help deal with our grief when we lose a relative or friend. In this sense, mourning jewellery provides us with a memento of all the beautiful moments we ever spent with them.

In Memoriam

Salvador Dalì once said that “every goodbye is the birth of a memory.”

Some people like having something tangible for a memento, like a glass relic or a portrait. But have you ever thought about mourning jewellery? It’s a beautiful way to remember your loved one, because you’ll always carry him/her close to you.

Some ideas:

  • A pendant in the shape of a finger print
  • A ring with your late relative/friend’s birthstone
  • Ash jewellery, incorporating some of their ash set into gold or silver
  • Their wedding ring remoulded
  • A bracelet in a shape that reminds you of your relative/friend (e.g. a flower)
  • A ring, bracelet or necklace engraved with their name (or initials)

Looking for the perfect mourning piece

Your late loved one was unique, so don’t just pick the piece of jewellery you will be remembering them by from a catalogue... Rather, it should have a personal and very special feel. This is why all mourning jewellery should be custom made.

We specialise in this area and happily make a personal piece that will remind you of that extraordinary, lovely person. Don’t hesitate to visit us in our shop in Antwerp to discuss designs.

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