Ring prices: how much does a wedding ring cost?

Ring prices: how much does a wedding ring cost?

In one of our previous articles we already discussed the budget for an engagement ring. But how much should a wedding ring cost? You can find the answer to this question below.

What budget do you need for a wedding ring?

How much budget you need to provide for wedding rings is up to you. There are no rules for this.

So look for a model you like. Because you will wear this ring for the rest of your life. The cost price then plays less of a role.

By the way; in our collection there are rings in different price ranges. So there's something for all tastes.

Price guide for wedding rings

Over the years, hundreds of couples have bought a wedding ring in our jewelry store. If we look at the total cost, we see that most people foresee a budget of €1200 to €1500 for both rings (him and her).

Below are some starting prices for wedding rings:

  • Rings in 18kt gold: from €700 per pair
  • Rings in 14kt gold: from €615 per pair
  • Rings in silver: from €300 per pair

What determines the price of wedding rings?

You immediately see that there is a lot of variation in the prices of wedding rings. The cost is determined by:

  • Material. A ring in 18kt gold is more expensive than one in 14kt. Silver is cheaper than gold.
  • Diamonds. There are beautiful wedding rings without diamonds. One or more stones raise the price.
  • Thickness. A wide ring simply requires more material than a thin ring.
  • Complexity. A simple wedding ring is cheaper than a very complex design because it takes less time.

Price list

Would you like to receive the pricelist with the complete collection? Please send an email to info@wimmeeussen.be. Or visit our shop in Antwerp. 

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