Relationship rings as a sign of love

Relationship rings as a sign of love

Of course, when you get married, you need a nice wedding ring. But that's not the only way to show your connection. Even with relational rings you show the world that you belong together.

Relationship rings are often chosen for marriage for a few years. As a personal gift for each other. But couples without wedding plans also like to buy relationship rings as a sign of their love and loyalty.

Relationship rings vs. wedding rings

What is the difference between relationship rings and wedding rings? Engaged couples usually buy a ring in yellow gold. For relational rings silver is more popular. We also see white gold on a regular basis.

In terms of design there is no difference between wedding bands and relational rings. After all, that is a personal choice. One person wants a very sober shape, the other a little more striking.

How do you find the perfect relational ring?

In our collection there are several designs that are suitable as a relational ring. So you can quickly find a suitable model:

  • Choose a material. Do you want silver, white gold, a mix of materials ...?
  • Select a width. Some couples like to have a wide ring, others a narrow one.
  • Diamond or not? A lot of women prefer a diamond ring. But even without diamonds, there are different stylish models.
  • Ring size. As soon as you've found a nice design, we need to determine your ring size. It's best to visit our shop in Antwerp. Then you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Custom made relationship rings

On our website you can already see some of our rings. Haven't found a suitable design? Then there is another solution: customization. As a jewellery designer we like to create the perfect relational ring according to your personal taste. Jump in to discuss your vision.

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