On which finger to wear a ring: the meaning

The meaning of the finger on which you wear your ring

We have already explained why one wears a wedding ring on the left hand. But did you know that the finger you wear your ring on also has a symbolic meaning? Read below what each finger tells about you.

Ring on the little finger

The little finger stands for communication. Wearing a ring on this finger shows your social character. It is also said to stimulate your creativity. Gemstones which go best with this finger are amber and citrine.

Ring on your ring finger

It is probably no surprise, but the ring finger represents love and beauty. That's why we usually wear our wedding ring on this finger. Are you not married yet but do you wear a ring on this finger? Then you are highlighting your self-love and belief in your own talents. Symbolic stones for the ring finger: amethyst and turquoise.

Ring on your middle finger

A ring on the middle finger shows your willpower. It symbolises your search for security and safety. Stones that go well with a middle finger ring are pink quartz and pearls.

Ring on your index finger

A ring on the index finger radiates ambition and confidence. It underlines your leadership qualities. After all, it is a finger with which you make numerous gestures; pointing at something, attracting someone's attention... In the past, many kings wore a ring on their index finger. Symbolic gemstones for your index finger: blue topaz and lapis lazuli

Ring on your thumb

A ring on your thumb indicates independence. The thumb represents strength and purpose. Gems which best suit a thumb ring are ruby and garnet. 

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