What is sterling silver?

If you browse our collection of silver rings, earrings or necklaces, you will regularly see the term 'sterling'. But what exactly does that mean? And what are the numbers that come with it? In this article you'll find more information.

An alloy with silver

Did you know that silver jewelry never consists of 100% pure silver? That's too soft. To obtain a stronger metal, we make an alloy. This metal mixture consists of silver and a little bit of copper (or another metal). This makes it easier to work and it lasts longer.

The purity

The amount of pure silver in a piece of jewelry is expressed with numbers. A ratio of 925/1000 consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (mostly copper). The ratio 835/1000 is 83.5% pure.

In many countries there is a minimum purity before one can call something silver. For our northern neighbors, it is 800 thousandths.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver has a specific purity. This alloy consists of 92.5% pure silver - or 925 thousandths. The name Sterling silver comes from the old English word "steorling", which means "with a small star". It refers to silver Norman coins printed with a star.

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