Gift jewellery: 6 tips

So you want to give someone a jewel as a present? That is a good idea. But easier said than done, because everyone has a different taste. So a bad buy is quickly made.

Don't worry; with the tips below you will find the perfect piece of jewellery to give as a present.

Tip 1: think about your budget

Everyone who buys a gift has a budget in mind. That is a good thing too. Because the financial side has to be right. Your budget is a good starting point for finding a suitable jewellery gift. Because some jewellery is simply more expensive than others. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice for everyone's budget.

Tip 2: gold or silver

An important knot to cut in the beginning is the choice between gold or silver. Our advice: take a look at the recipient's current jewellery collection. Does he/she only wear gold jewellery? Then the choice is quickly made. If not, you can buy a silver jewellery as a gift.

Tip 3: don't worry about the fitting size

A lot of people who buy a ring as a gift worry about the size. Because they are afraid that it will not fit. That is no problem at all. After all, you can drop by afterwards to enlarge or reduce the size of the ring. That way you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Tip 4: keep it simple

In our collection there are a lot of striking rings and other unique jewellery. But not everyone is a fan of them. Whoever gives a piece of jewellery as a present should choose a rather sober design. That is timeless, and appeals to everyone.

Tip 5: add an engraving

A jewel gift becomes even more personal with an engraving. For example, add a name, date or symbol. We like to think along with you about the perfect engraving.

Tip 6: think about the presentation

Finally, there is the presentation of your gift. In our shop we are happy to provide you with a beautiful gift wrapping. It creates the first wow moment. The second wow moment follows not much later, after the recipient has unpacked the gift and sees the beautiful jewel for the first time.

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