Diamond shapes and cuts

Diamond shapes and cuts

Diamond shapes and cuts

You’re taking the plunge and have decided to buy a gold or silver piece of jewellery with a diamond. That’s great, but have you thought about the shape? Because there are lots of them. Check out our overview below!

The top 10 diamond shapes

The top 10 most popular diamond shapes are:

Diamond shapes and cuts

1. Round

The vast majority of diamonds on sale in jewellery shops are round, especially brilliant-cut with 58 facets, as these optimally reflect the light.

2. Princess

Looking square from the top, but resembling an upside-down pyramid from the side, this diamond shape is much loved among couples buying engagement or wedding rings. Diamonds in this shape are usually cheaper than their round counterparts, because less crystal is wasted during cutting.

3. Oval

Basically, oval diamonds are drawn out versions of round brilliants, which makes them perfect for people who love round ones, but are still after something a little more special. And another plus: a ring with an oval diamond will make your fingers look extra long and slim.

4. Marquise

A diamond in this shape looks like an oval one, but is pointed at the ends, with a top that has the largest surface area of all diamond shapes. The name of this shape stuck after it was first cut for King Louis XV of France who, inspired by her lips, commissioned it for his mistress Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, aka Madame or Marquise de Pompadour.

5. Pear

Very popular for pendants and earrings, this design combines the round and marquise shapes, but only has one pointed end, which makes it resemble a sparkling tear.Although widths vary, symmetry is obviously very important for this design.

6. Cushion

Cushion diamonds are square with rounded corners, which makes them look like... well cushions! This classic shape has been around for over 200 years and remains a bestseller for rings and other jewellery.

7. Emerald

This shape consists of concentric, rectangular facets with a flat top and sides resembling a staircase. Originally only emeralds were cut this way (hence the name), but these days we see diamonds in this shape too.

8. Asscher

This shape was developed by the Asscher brothers in the Netherlands. They took the emerald cut as a base, but opted for a rectangular shape instead. This design will show off the colour, purity and clarity of your diamond, making this shape the perfect one for jewellery!

9. Radiant

Basically this shape is a square or rectangular diamond with cut corners, keeping the middle ground between the cushion and princess, while its 70 facets will provide beautiful sparkle.

10. Heart

Surely it’s the symbol of love and romance! This shape, therefore, is perfect for jewellery you’d like to propose with, or to celebrate your wedding or anniversary. A heart-shaped diamond in this case is always a winner.

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