Unique agate stones

Unique agate stones

You already saw them passing by, our unique jewelry with agate stones. Often incorporated in a ring, also sometimes in a pendant or earrings. We mainly work with the rough form of agate stones because it fits our organic style very well. The jewelry in which we incorporate these stones are available in both 18k gold and 925 Sterling silver.

Origin and significance.

The main finding sites of agate stones are Brazil, Uruguay and the United States.

Agates belong to the family of chalcedony, a variety of the mineral quartz. In folk medicine, agates provide protection during pregnancy and reduce headaches.

Which color has an agate stone?

This semi-precious stone comes in a variety of colors, all unique in their kind. The most common color is light blue to dove blue, but other, brighter colors certainly exist.

Below is a small overview of the different colors with their corresponding names:

Unique agate stonesUnique agate stonesUnique agate stones


Once a year we make a trip to the Walhalla of stones: Idar Oberstein in Germany. There we carefully choose stone by stone to create unique jewelry for you. Here we pick up the agate stones as well. That way we always have a nice stock of stones to present.

Is the color you liked not available? We are happy to write down your details and keep you informed on our next visit to Germany.


Because of their porous nature, jewelry with an agate stone should be worn with care. A ring that you wear every day must withstand a lot of external influences. It is therefore best to take it off when doing heavy manual work. It is also best to avoid water and all kinds of cleaning products.

In addition, you are always welcome in our store for a free maintenance service.

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