How do you choose an engagement ring for your girl

How do you choose an engagement ring for your girl

So... you've found the perfect woman and are planning to propose to her. Then you need to buy an engagement ring first. That's easier said than done. Because you're going to make difficult decisions: pick a gold color, the style, the number of diamonds, and so on.

Choosing an engagement ring is no easy task. To help you with this, we'll give you some handy tips:

Check out her wardrobe

You learn a lot about a woman's personality through her clothes. So go through your girlfriend's wardrobe. What styles do you see? Lots of casual clothes, or rather dressed up? Colourful or understated? Take a look at accessories such as scarves, sunglasses, etc. All this will give you an idea which type of engagement ring she prefers.

Ask her best friend for advice

Girlfriends share everything. Probably also their ideas about the perfect engagement ring. So be sure to contact her BFF to discuss the design. But do it on the sly so she doesn't find out.

Use her personality

You know your girlfriend like no other. This gives you a pretty good idea of her personality. Is she quite subdued? Then it's best to choose a fine engagement ring with a sober design. Is your girlfriend really outgoing? Then the design can be a bit more conspicuous.

Think about your budget

Choosing an engagement ring for your girlfriend doesn't have to be a financial sacrifice. After all, there is a ring for everyone's budget. In our collection prices start around €250.

Learn more about the budget for an engagement ring.

Let an expert guide you

Whoever visits our shop in Antwerp to choose an engagement ring for his girlfriend, can always count on our advice. We are happy to tell you more about the different materials, designs, styles, etc. Do you have any questions? We always provide an appropriate answer.

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